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Hi, my name is Patrick K. Giving student feed back is difficult because some students care about what you have to say and others will just throw it in the trash the first opportunity that they have. Because of this, I like 17 and to give

NetDrive windows Archives
part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. We have come a long way since ECDIS was brought into our lives.In the initial days we were just struggling to keep the ENCs updated on ECDIS. Most of us know this drill at the back of hands now.And I have covered quite a few of articles on updating and keeping the ENCs up to date.Even during the third party inspections, the inspectors are now focussing on the ECDIS in detail.First published on July 28, 2007 Novell Net Drive is a handy Web DAV client for Windows (well, except for Windows Vista, which seems to have Web DAV programs overall).Web DAV is an extension to the HTTP protocol that allows you to drag and drop files to a server, similar to FTP but more powerful.It has some pretty cool uses, such as auto-generating image galleries and managing files in e Z Publish.

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