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DLC Archive. Path of Exile Expedition, the action-RPG's latest expansion, is available now Dom Peppiatt. 4 months ago Marvel's Avengers DLC, War for Wakanda, gets some cool concept art

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@smilky - added, however this DLC requires a real 3DS to use. I think it's one of those that require a connection to the e Shop, to verify purchase and enable it on the save file. Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter 1.5 updates have been [email protected] D7630 - If a DLC is purchased through the in-game store, it will most likely not work without connecting to the e Shop on a real 3DS to verify the purchase.Also, Cube Creator 3D DLC has not been dumped, so a cannot be created for it. The CDN data for Poke Transporter Update 1.5 (as well as Pokemon Bank 1.5) has never been dumped. No-Intro's CDN dump only goes up to around November [email protected]__209 - Updates released after November 2018 will NEVER be available (probably). If anything is released after that, then it's not dumped and will probably never be available unless someone can give me the files to add [email protected] - Minecraft update added :) @Id123x - Interesting!Central's Archives is a major new game mode in the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack DLC for XCOM 2.It consists of four series of pre-defined missions, taking place between the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2: Each Archive consists of seven missions, with a fixed map, player team composition and enemy placement and composition.

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